The Titan is the basic tier one battle mech for the Steel Talons. Since it is T1 it can be built right off the block from the War Factory. It is the replacement for the Predator Tank so it is primarily focused for anti-tank and anti-structure assaults. However when upgraded and escorted the Titan can become a versatile platform for attacks throughout the game.
泰坦是钢爪阵营的初级战斗机甲。爱游戏app下载 由于它是一级单位,爱游戏app下载 你可以在造好重工后立刻制造它。泰坦是捕食者坦克的替代品,因此它的设计用途是进行反坦克和反建筑攻击。不过在升级和进驻后,泰坦会成为贯穿整个游戏的通用战斗平台。

Assaulting The Enemy

One of the key assets of the Titan is its ability to crush tier one vehicles, including Harvesters, and infantry, this can be a very useful way to instantly kill some of the enemy's forces and if your lucky and your enemy doesn't micromanage his units very well – you can crush the bulk of the army with a few Titans. However this is unlikely to happen in most games as Titans do suffer from a slow movement speed. Thus attacking from multiple directions not only increases the probability of successful crushes but also exploits directional armor to increase the efficiency of your attacks as Titans can fire on the move.

Like the Predator, un-upgraded Titans are not capable of successfully dealing with infantry by simply firing at them. You are best off trying to crush them or retreating in these situations.

Kitting Out The Titan – Upgrades, Abilities and Support Powers

When fully upgraded Titans become much more powerful and even help compensate for some of its weaknesses. Railguns, which not only vastly improves firepower and accuracy, also enables it to fight off infantry. This upgrade is pretty much essential if you plan on using Titans in the late game.

Another useful upgrade is Adaptive Armor and this is a great upgrade to purchase because it increases the titans armor for a short amount of time and allows it to be immune to EMP from units like the GDI Grenadier and Nod Awakened cyborg. This upgrade is even more effective when trying to hold an area because when defending hit points becomes more important than firepower.

Railgun Accelerators provide any Railgun equipped unit to have increased damage and increased rate of fire for a period of time but causes damage to the unit its used upon. For a comprehensive look at this support power, take a look at the Railgun Accelerator Tip of the Week found here.

Filling The Gaps:

When using the Steel Talons you can't just rely on the Titan, you have to mix the units properly to compensate for the Titan's weaknesses – principally being aircraft and infantry. The former can be countered using the coveted Slingshot, which can decimate enemy air units. Hammerheads loaded with Rocket Squads are also effective. To counter infantry, it’s a good idea to mix Wolverines and or Hammerheads with your assault force. Finally its also good to bring along some Mobile Repair Transports or Rigs to support your armored units and repair them while in battle or after a battle to get the full effectiveness of your attack force.


Titans can crush other tier one tanks, so when attacking from multiple directions you can severely restrict your opponents maneuverability to escape.
Early game rushes with Titans and Wolverines can be extremely effective as they are the single most powerful land units at their respective tasks.
Titans supported by anti-air units and Rigs are exceptional at holding ground, especially with Adaptive Armor.






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